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Before conducting this experiment, use this time to formulate your hypothesis. Which ball do you think will bounce the highest? Why? Bouncing Ball Physics .... Have them list all the variables they think will affect ball bounce. ... Focus the students on the aim of the experiment (that is

  1. bouncing ball experiment variables
  2. bouncing ball experiment control variable

Bouncing Ball Experiment Variables

A variable is something in an experiment which can or does change. ... ball from a greater height results in a higher bounce.

CONSTANTS VARIABLE - these are the variables that remain constant throughout the entire experiment in order for a valid test to occur. Page 2. MATERIALS:.

bouncing ball experiment variables

bouncing ball experiment variables, controlled variables in bouncing ball experiment, bouncing ball experiment control variable

Hypothesis: it is believed that heat absorbed into a tennis ball will affect its bounce height. Equipment used: 1 Fluke mini IR thermometer with a range of -50° ...

bouncing ball experiment control variable

Identifying controls and variables in a scientific investigation ... Look at it in terms of our bouncing ball experiment: changing the independent variable ...

My variables are height, time for bounces, mass of ball, bouncing surface and number of bounces. ... The method to make this experiment is easy and simple.. Lab Instructions: Follow the Bouncing Ball ... These are all variables that can affect the outcome of the experiment so you have made these controlled .... The dependent variable is the bounce height of the soccer ball and this will be measured after every trial of the experiment by using video recordings of the .... Remember: the independent variable is changed by the investigator, and the dependent ... to see if the height of a ball's bounce was dependent on the size.. Student Design of Drop Bounce Experiment ... What is the relationship between the height from which a ball is dropped and the height to which it bounces?


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